Proudly Celebrating 40 Years of Helping Families, Individuals and Businesses Achieve Their Financial Goals.

Our Mission

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Utilizing a global, holistic approach, our team of multi-credentialed professionals is focused solely on helping individuals, families, retirees, and business owners in achieving financial security and independence through the use of proven financial strategies dedicated to aggressively eliminating unproductive debt, protecting against unnecessary taxation and loss in asset value, as well as increasing and safeguarding their wealth.

We live in an age of financial confusion – an abundance of information, opinions, and strategies.  It’s frustrating, overwhelming and sometimes incomprehensible.  We spend our lives working hard to earn the money we need to provide for our families, looking forward to one day retiring, slowing down and enjoying
peace of mind.  However, the world changes and keeps changing.  Everything is more challenging, more frustrating, and more uncertain.

Centered on the foundation of our core beliefs and utilizing our Life Plan model, our team of multi-disciplined advisors stand ready, willing and able to help our clients navigate through this uncertainty and develop a tax effective, risk averse, long term solution to their problems and fears.  Most importantly, our plans allow our clients to sleep at night knowing that what is most important to us is what is most important to them; peace of mind.  

Welcome to Apogee Financial Services Group, Inc.